Engaged to a Jerkface...and I have no say in it!

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Engaged to a Jerkface...and I have no say in it!
Tori Cormela, age 17, is sentenced to a commitment. Her dear mother, was young and carefree...and now owed in a debt to Senior Sanders. She didn't have the money to pay that debt, so now she must forfeit her only daughter to marry his son's son.

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Please added more it’s was getting good Now I don’t know what’s going to happen do they get married and have kids do they get their own place her best friend and her fall in love with him does her fiancé fall in love with that girl he’s fooling around with or does tori get between them

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Guys this probably never be updated again. It was uploaded in 2010 D:!!!!

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Live this book I think jack abd tri hsve a love hate rrelationship

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Why no...I love the way the story was going..love that she played piano an there was a side of her that you never thought she would have...please continue

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yup it would be cool if she continued it but was many time ago.

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Don't be so rude. Do u write? Cuz I hv been trying out writing for quite some time and hv barely written over a chapter. If writers don't like their stuff then they don't fill it up with crap. They just leave it away.

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are u sereouly going to give up on such a good book. you should make her fall in love with each other. and the was great you can really write so please don't give up cause u haven't written or you can't remember if your a writer sit read your book and the ideas will start to folow through you.oh and she has to fall in love with someone so if you want to switch it up she can fall in love with le and marrie jake and date cole... mehr anzeigen

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