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The Religious Duty of Obedience to Law

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The Religious Duty of Obedience to Law

Ichabod Smith Spencer (February 23, 1798 – November 23, 1854) was a popular 19th-century American Presbyterian preacher and author.[1]

Spencer was descended from Thomas Spencer, an early settler of Hartford, Connecticut, who died in 1687.[1]:11 Around 1786, Spencer's father moved to the Rupert, Bennington, County, Vermont. Spencer was born there, the youngest but one of eleven children.[1]:11 Those who knew Spencer in his youth contended that "he belonged to the class of careless, thoughtless, and gay young men".[1]:14 His father, a farmer, died while Spencer was young,[1]:11 and he thereafter moved to Granville, Washington County, New York, where he engaged in manual labor for something like a year.[1]:17 During this year, a revival of religion visited this town, and Spencer became a Christian.[1]:17 He was encouraged to enter the ministry, and undertook to do so.[1]:18 He entered Union College in 1819, graduating in 1822.[1]:18 He considered a career in law, and spent some time studying for the bar, but ultimately decided to become a minister,[1]:19 and was licensed as such in November, 1826.[1]:24

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