Dreamers Of The Ghetto (fiscle part-XII) Part 2

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Dreamers Of  The Ghetto (fiscle part-XII) Part 2
It Was April Ere I Began To Draw Near My Destination. The Roads Were
Still Muddy And Marshy; But In that Happy Interval Between The Winter
Gray And The Summer Haze The Breath Of Spring made The World
Beautiful. The Stri River Sparkled, Even The Ruined castles Looked
Gay, While The Pleasure-Grounds Of The Lords Of The Soil Filled the
Air With Sweet Scents. One Day, As I Was Approaching a Village Up A
Somewhat Steep Road, A Little Gray-Haired man Driving a Wagon Holding
Some Sacks Of Flour Passed me, Whistling cheerfully. We Gave Each
Other The "Peace" Salutation, Knowing ourselves Brother Jews, If Only
By Our Furred caps And Ear-Curls. Presently, In pity Of His Beast, I
Saw Him Jump Down And Put His Shoulder To The Wheel; But He Had Not
Made Fifty Paces When His Horse Slipped and Fell. I Hastened up To
Help Him Extricate The Animal; And Before We Had Succeeded in setting
The Horse On His Four Feet Again, The Driver'S Cheeriness Under
Difficulties Had Made Me Feel Quite Friendly Towards Him.

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