Undercover Styles

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Undercover Styles
Everywhere I go, I'm thought of as perfect. Even though I'm not. I'm always popular no matter how many times I switch schools. I'm catered at my every need. I always have someone by my side even if I dotn know who they are.
This is all my brothers fault. Even though I'm super proud of him, his fame angers me. It's gotten to his head and he hasn't been the same since he placed third in the X-Factor.
I'm Rose. Rose Mae Styles. And this is how I went undercover.

One, Direction, undercover, Styles, romance, Niall, Horan
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Great start! Please update soon, and let me know!

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Hary styles stole the Luker stomp... ->-
And then called it the "Styles Stomp"
No one is going to stomp for him in my army.

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I'm not creative. I'm gonna write one page. I am updating now. And I looked up a picture and I wrote words on the cover.

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*slam face into computer* update you can't just make ONE page jeez man -_- And p.S LOVE the cove how did you make it?


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