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The Fur Bringers A Story Of The Canadian Northwest

User: silviya
The Fur Bringers        A Story Of The Canadian Northwest
The Firm Of Minot & Doane Sat On The Doorsill Of Its Store On Lake
Miwasa Smoking Its After-Supper Pipes.

It Was Seven O'Clock Of A Brilliant Day In June. The Westering Sun
Shone Comfortably On The World, And A Soft Breeze Kept The Mosquitoes
At Bay.

Moreover, The Tobacco Was Of The Best The Store Afforded; Yet There Was
No Peace Between The Two. They Bickered Like Schoolboys Kept Indoors.

"How Many Link-Skins In The Bale You Made Up Today?" Asked Peter Minot.

"Three-Seventy-Two," His Young Partner Answered In a Surly Tone That
Was In Itself A Provocation.

"I Made It Three-Seventy-Three," Said Peter Curtly.

"What'S The Difference?" Demanded Ambrose Doane.

"Seven Dollars," Said Peter Dryly.

"Well, You Can Claim The Extra One, Can'T You," Snarled Ambrose, "And
Make An Allowance If It'S Found Short?"

"That'S Not The Way I Like To Do Business!"

"Too Bad About You!"

The Older Man Frowned Darkly, Clamped His Teeth Upon His Pipe, And Held
His Tongue.

His Silence Was An Additional Aggravation To The Other. "What Do You
Want Me To Do," He Burst Out With An Amount Of Passion Absurdly
Disproportionate To The Matter At Issue, "Cut It Open And Count It Over
And Bale It Up Again?"

"To Blazes With It!" Said Peter. "I Want You To Keep Your Temper!"

"I'M Sick Of This!" Cried Ambrose With The Wilful Abandon Of One
Hopelessly In The Wrong. "You'Re At Me From Morning Till Night!
Nothing I Do Is Right. Why Can'T You Leave Me Alone?"

Peter Took His Pipe Out Of His Mouth And Looked At His Young Partner In
Astonishment. His Face Turned A Dull Brick Color And His Blue Eyes

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