My Schools And Schoolmasters (Fiscle Part 13 Of 2)

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My Schools And Schoolmasters (Fiscle Part 13 Of 2)
"See Inebriety, Her Wand She Waves,
And Lo! Her Pale And Lo! Her Purple Slaves."--Crabbe.

I Was Joined In The Course Of A Few Weeks, In Peggy Russel's One-Roomed
Cottage, By Another Lodger--Lodgers Of The Humbler Class Usually
Consociating Together In Pairs. My New Companion Had Lived For Some
Time, Ere My Arrival At Niddry, In A Neighbouring Domicile, Which, As He
Was What Was Termed A "Quiet-Living Man," And As The Inmates Were
Turbulent And Unsteady, He Had, After Bearing A Good Deal, Been
Compelled To Quit. Like Our Foreman, He Was A Strict Seceder, In Full
Communion With His Church. Though Merely A Common Labourer, With Not
More Than Half The Wages Of Our Skilled Workmen, I Had Observed, Ere Our
Acquaintance Began, That No Mason In The Squad Was More Comfortably
Attired On Week-Days Than He, Or Wore A Better Suit On Sunday; And So I
Had Set Him Down, From The Circumstance, As A Decent Man.

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