My Schools And Schoolmasters (Fiscle Part 13 Of 1)

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My Schools And Schoolmasters (Fiscle Part 13 Of 1)
"Ye Gentlemen Of England,
Who Live At Home At Ease,
Oh, Little Do Ye Think Upon
The Dangers Of The Seas."--Old Song.

Rather More Than Eighty Years Ago, A Stout Little Boy, In His Sixth Or
Seventh Year, Was Despatched From An Old-Fashioned Farm-House In The
Upper Part Of The Parish Of Cromarty, To Drown A Litter Of Puppies In An
Adjacent Pond. The Commission Seemed To Be Not In The Least Congenial.
He Sat Down Beside The Pool, And Began To Cry Over His Charge; And
Finally, After Wasting Much Time In A Paroxysm Of Indecision And Sorrow,
Instead Of Committing The Puppies To The Water, He Tucked Them Up In His
Little Kilt, And Set Out By A Blind Pathway Which Went Winding Through
The Stunted Heath Of The Dreary Maolbuoy Common, In A Direction Opposite
To That Of The Farm-House--His Home For The Two Previous Twelvemonths.

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