With British Guns In Italy

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With British Guns In Italy
Anglo-Italian Friendship Has Been One Of The Few Unchanging Facts In
Modern International Relations. Since The French Revolution, In The
Bellicose Whirligig Of History And Of The Old Diplomacy's Reckless Dance
With Death, British Troops Have Fought In Turn Against Frenchmen And
Germans, Against Russians And Austrians, Against Bulgarians, Turks And
Chinamen, Against Boers, And Even Against Americans, But Never, Except
For A Handful Of Napoleonic Conscripts, Against Italians. British And
Italian Troops, On The Other Hand, Fought Side By Side In The Crimea,
And, In The War Which Has Just Ended, Have Renewed And Extended Their
Comradeship In Arms In Austria And Italy, In France And In The Balkans.

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