Kotone-chan no Tomodachi

Kotone's Friend Von:
Kotone-chan no Tomodachi
Okay, I thought of this story while staring out of the window of my mom’s car. I thought “What if clothes were never invented and it was only summer all year long?” So this story is what I came up with. A bit of.. No, a lot of smut and romance. xD First of all, I have to explain this “World”. So here are the details.
About The World
This world is called “Hadaka”. (Which means “Naked”.) It is a place where everyone roams around the streets completely naked. It is summer all year round and the people who are living there cannot reproduce unless (still thinking of a reasonable way for them to make babies. o uo). In every corner, there will always be a couple having.. you know. And tons of people masturbating on public trains or during class. (F*cked up world eh?)
About the Story
One day, Kotone Hanabusa is late for her train to school. She is late for school, and she is racing to the station. She manages to make her train in time. While on the train, she is turned on by other people masturbating. Kotone decides to masturbate while she was going to be on the bus for an hour until she arrives. While she does, she notices a boy with blond hair staring at her while he was jacking off. She signals the boy to come over and the two had made love to each other. After that day, Kotone could not stop thinking about the mysterious blond boy…

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