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Cry out for help

pain is the only escape Von:
Cry out for help
When addie's love life is going great theres only one thing stopping her!

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omg babey girl i love your book, you could get so famous, wooooo! i would love to marry you,marry me? now? please? ergh i love you,you write amazing books even though you only wrote this one book. WRITE MORE & I WANT TO MEET YOU BAB333333YGAL xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Dieser Kommentar wurde gelöscht.
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This book is great!The writer is obviously amazingly talented to create something like this. I really hope they they continue writing!:D

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This tenuousness of the connection between external reality and inner reality is necessary for realizing the self achievement on the one hand and the self-knowledge on the other hand.Wonderful book

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