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Taken By a Mafia King

Taken By a Mafia King

Zekhethelo is a 24 year old car mechanic coming from a loving and supportive family. She lives a normal life but that changes as soon as a Mafia King knocks on her door.

Zwelibanzi is a ruthless mafia king who stops at nothing to make her his. He even kills her boyfriend of 4 years and then sends the pictures of his chopped body. And goes on to threaten to kill her father with her watching if she says no one more time.

She says yes so that her father gets to live. Their marriage is not as good as it appears to other people. But then again she didn't marry out of love. At first Zweli is a monster raping her everytime he gets a chance. But one day things changes, he treats her well.

Just when Zekhethelo thinks things are finally going well Zwelibanzi wants her out of the hotel he calls home and out of his life. She has no choice but to go..

#Love, #Hatred, #Mafia, #Abuse
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