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The French Revolution, Volume 1.

User: disha
The French Revolution, Volume 1.
Proves To Be The Post-Wagon On Its Way To Bordeaux. After This The
Number Of Brigands Is Reduced To 1,500, But There Is No Doubt That
They Are Ravaging The Country. At Nine O'Clock In The Evening
20,000 Men Are Under Arms, And Thus They Pass The Night, Always
Listening Without Hearing Anything. Towards Three O'Clock In The
Morning There Is Another Alarm, The Church Bells Ringing And The
People Forming A Battle Array. They Are Convinced That The Brigands
Have Burned Ruffec, Vernenil, La Rochefoucauld, And Other Places.
The Next Day Countrymen Flock In To Give Their Aid Against Bandits
Who Are Still Absent. "At Nine O'Clock," Says A Witness, "We Had
40,000 Men In The Town, To Whom We Showed Our Gratitude.

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