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psycho, stalker, missed call, death
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It sort of freaked me out but I also liked it. There was this guy who was obsessed with me, and he finally went over the line and asked me to have sex with him. He's in therapy now. And I deleted his number.

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Gelöschter User

:D :D :D :D i really liked it xxx

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I love thriller-suspense stories, but I don’t want to relate to your characters. This is quite a terrible and scary short story. You have a good concept, so I suggest that you try to make it into a novel. Keep it up!

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Those who believe in god are not afraid of any body.One thing is very clear god has sent us to this planet ,but holding thread of our life in his hand.
Practice makes us perfect & wise &I think you are working on the same line by putting stories ,one after another.But ,you are loosing the grace of imagination ,as viewed in earlier stories.

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Terrible, terrible short story. Not my favorite kind, but one that's NEED to be told.

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Very scary story, but true it does happen in real life. Sad to note that some really don't know how to love truly and their wrong thinking ends up to incidents as this.

Another good read. Thanks :)

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