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Red Witch

Red Witch
Sera finds her life quite boring in the meadows. When her darkest secret of birth spills, she has to face the world full of mythical creatures. She has to lead entire world in the war for new era.

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woo its been 4 yrs since u update last on this book hima. Is there more to this book?? pls let me know

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no. it's completed. THanks for reading the book

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Dieser Kommentar wurde gelöscht.
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AJ Joseph

finish please best book i've read and after reading this it's the third most fav. so will u finish it or is there a second book

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You had 38 votes, and I made it 39. It was a different kind of story than I expected. I don't like mythical creature stories as a whole, but you didn't come off in a 'Twilight' kind of way. Which I found to be good. (I hate Twilight)Too many female authors want to be the next Stephanie Meyer, and I'm not fond of her writing.

The font went with the story, but made if difficult to read. I'd recommend going with the most basic... mehr anzeigen

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Thanks for spinning your tale in the ancient times of castles,dark creatures,Kings,Queens,witches and Vampires.
I prefer "Gothic" from the past.

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