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Holding On Forever

User: babyaqua
Holding On Forever
Shay and Aqua have known each other forever, but what happens when Shay changes and Aqua moves away. After those years have past, Aqua moves back to her hometown and catches up with Shay once again. What happens when they meet for the first time in 5 years?

***Check '' for this book under Devil15987***

Hate, Love, Drama, Friends, High School, Revenge
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***If you would like to read more for now on... it will be on Wattpad because Bookrix has become to difficult for me to handle. The books will be under the user 'Devil15987'***

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OOHHH someones JELLY

No Homo!!!! XD

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hey everytime you update can you tell me!!!!
Ilove this book!!

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All I can say is that so far the beginning isn't even done yet. That's might be 1/2 of it and everything comes up at the top of my head and I just write it down. Thank you for taking the time to read it though.

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Awww that ass cnt believe he punches Aqua oh i LOVE that name!!!!!! Aqua or Aquamarine

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