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The New Machiavelli ( Part 1 )

User: silviya
The New Machiavelli  ( Part 1 )
Since I Came To This Place I Have Been Very Restless, Wasting my
Energies In the Futile Beginning of Ill-Conceived books. One Does Not
Settle Down Very Readily At Two And Forty To A New Way Of Living, And
I Have Found Myself With The Teeming interests Of The Life I Have
Abandoned still Buzzing like A Swarm Of Homeless Bees In my Head. My
Mind Has Been Full Of Confused protests And Justifications. In any Case
I Should Have Found Difficulties Enough In expressing the Complex Thing
I Have To Tell, But It Has Added greatly To My Trouble That I Have A
Great Analogue, That A Certain Niccolo Machiavelli Chanced to Fall Out
Of Politics At Very Much The Age I Have Reached, And Wrote A Book To
Engage The Restlessness Of His Mind, Very Much As I Have Wanted to Do.

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