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The Promise Of American Life

User: disha
The Promise Of American Life
The Average American Is Nothing If Not Patriotic. "The Americans Are
Filled," Says Mr. Emil Reich In His "Success Among The Nations," "With
Such An Implicit And Absolute Confidence In Their Union And In Their
Future Success That Any Remark Other Than Laudatory Is Inacceptable To
The Majority Of Them. We Have Had Many Opportunities Of Hearing Public
Speakers In America Cast Doubts Upon The Very Existence Of God And Of
Providence, Question The Historic Nature Or Veracity Of The Whole Fabric
Of Christianity; But Never Has It Been Our Fortune To Catch The
Slightest Whisper Of Doubt, The Slightest Want Of Faith, In The Chief
God Of America--Unlimited Belief In The Future Of America." Mr. Reich'S
Method Of Emphasis May Not Be Very Happy, But The Substance Of What He
Says Is True. The Faith Of Americans In Their Own Country Is Religious,
If Not In Its Intensity, At Any Rate In Its Almost Absolute And
Universal Authority. It Pervades The Air We Breathe. As Children We Hear
It Asserted Or Implied In The Conversation Of Our Elders. Every New
Stage Of Our Educational Training Provides Some Additional Testimony On
Its Behalf. Newspapers And Novelists, Orators And Playwrights, Even If
They Are Little Else, Are At Least Loyal Preachers Of The Truth. The
Skeptic Is Not Controverted; He Is Overlooked. It Constitutes The Kind
Of Faith Which Is The Implication, Rather Than The Object, Of Thought,
And Consciously Or Unconsciously It Enters Largely Into Our Personal
Lives As A Formative Influence. We May Distrust And Dislike Much That Is
Done In The Name Of Our Country By Our Fellow-Countrymen; But Our
Country Itself, Its Democratic System, And Its Prosperous Future Are
Above Suspicion.

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