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Without Dogma (Fiscle Part-11)

User: silviya
Without Dogma (Fiscle Part-11)
Some Months Ago I Met My Old Friend And School-Fellow, Jozef
Sniatynski, Who For The Last Few Years Has Occupied A Prominent Place
Among Our Literary Men. In A Discussion About Literature Sniatynski
Spoke About Diaries. He Said That A Man Who Leaves Memoirs, Whether
Well Or Badly Written, Provided They Be Sincere, Renders A Service
To Future Psychologists And Writers, Giving Them Not Only A Faithful
Picture Of The Times, But Likewise Human Documents That Can Be Relied
Upon. He Seemed To Think That Most Likely The Novel Of The Future
Would Take The Form Of Diary; Finally He Asserted That Anybody Who
Keeps A Diary Works For The Common Good, And Does A Meritorious Thing.

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