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With Edged Tools (Fiscle Part-I)

User: disha
With Edged Tools (Fiscle Part-I)

Why All Delights Are Vain, But That Most Vain
Which With Pain Purchased Doth Inherit Pain.

"My Dear--Madam--What You Call Heart Does Not Come Into The Question
At All."

Sir John Meredith Was Sitting Slightly Behind Lady Cantourne,
Leaning Towards Her With A Somewhat Stiffened Replica Of His Former
Grace. But He Was Not Looking At Her--And She Knew It.

They Were Both Watching A Group At The Other Side Of The Great

"Sir John Meredith On Heart," Said The Old Lady, With A Depth Of
Significance In Her Voice.

"And Why Not?"

"Yes, Indeed. Why Not?"

Sir John Smiled With That Well-Bred Cynicism Which A New School Has
Not Yet Succeeded In Imitating. They Were Of The Old School, These
Two; And Their Worldliness, Their Cynicism, Their Conversational
Attitude, Belonged To A Bygone Period. It Was A Cleaner Period In
Some Ways--A Period Devoid Of Slums. Ours, On The Contrary, Is An
Age Of Slums Wherein We All Dabble To The Detriment Of Our Hands--
Mental, Literary, And Theological.

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