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The Old Santa Fe Trail The Story Of A Great Highway

User: silviya
The   Old Santa Fe Trail  The   Story Of   A Great Highway
For More Than Three Centuries, A Period Extending from 1541 To 1851,
Historians Believed, And So Announced to The Literary World, That
Francisco Vasquez De Coronado, The Celebrated spanish Explorer, In his
Search For The Seven Cities Of Cibola And The Kingdom Of Quivira, Was
The First European To Travel Over The Intra-Continent Region Of North
America. In the Last Year Above Referred to, However, Buckingham Smith,
Of Florida, An Eminent Spanish Scholar, And Secretary Of The American
Legation At Madrid, Discovered among The Archives Of State The
_Narrative Of Alvar Nunez Cabeca De Vaca_, Where For Nearly Three
Hundred years It Had Lain, Musty And Begrimed with The Dust Of Ages, An
Unread And Forgotten Story Of Suffering that Has No Parallel In fiction.

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