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Natural Law In The Spiritual World (Fiscle Part-X)

User: disha
Natural Law In The Spiritual World (Fiscle Part-X)
No Class Of Works Is Received With More Suspicion, I Had Almost Said
Derision, Than Those Which Deal With Science And Religion. Science Is
Tired Of Reconciliations Between Two Things Which Never Should Have Been
Contrasted; Religion Is Offended By The Patronage Of An Ally Which It
Professes Not To Need; And The Critics Have Rightly Discovered That, In
Most Cases Where Science Is Either Pitted Against Religion Or Fused With
It, There Is Some Fatal Misconception To Begin With As To The Scope And
Province Of Either. But Although No Initial Protest, Probably, Will Save
This Work From The Unhappy Reputation Of Its Class, The Thoughtful Mind
Will Perceive That The Fact Of Its Subject-Matter Being Law--A Property
Peculiar Neither To Science Nor To Religion--At Once Places It On A
Somewhat Different Footing.

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