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Love Locked on the Rock

A romantic short story of love as it is... Von:
Love Locked on the Rock


Love Locked on the Rock is  a story that comes to life in the minds of its readers, in all its vividity ; where  two souls meet,  live as one, and unite even after death sealing the promise which goes unbroken , as an epitome of true love., through their sojourn of laughter and tears, agony and  victory. Fay was born to complete the incomplete, and Volin was born to love.Their love takes wings, survives through all odds and ends , weathers through the currents of life, and it goes beyond the vow taken at the  altar,'till death do us part'.

A romantic story that comes to life, and permits love to transcend to the heavens , as founded on the Rock. 

Read on, to know their story and its culmination,where love never dies.

Suitable also as a christian reading material on love, family and commitment, useful for counselling sessions and  inspirational reading. 

Epub.Europe BR 2016


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