This Country Of Ours (Fiscle Part-Xii) Part 1

User: disha
This Country Of   Ours (Fiscle Part-Xii) Part 1

In Days Long Long Ago There Dwelt In Greenland A King Named Eric The
Red. He Was A Man Mighty In War, And Men Held Him In High Honour.

Now One Day To The Court Of Eric There Came Bjarni The Son Of
Heriulf. This Bjarni Was A Far Traveler. He Had Sailed Many Times
Upon The Seas, And When He Came Home He Had Ever Some Fresh Tale
Of Marvel And Adventure To Tell. But This Time He Had A Tale To
Tell More Marvelous Than Any Before. For He Told How Far Away Across
The Sea Of Greenland, Where No Man Had Sailed Before, He Had Found
A New, Strange Land.

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