A Mennonite Maid(Fiscle Part-3)

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A Mennonite Maid(Fiscle Part-3)

Tillie's Slender Little Body Thrilled With A Peculiar Ecstasy As
She Stepped Upon The Platform And Felt Her Close Proximity To The
Teacher--So Close That She Could Catch The Sweet, Wonderful
Fragrance Of Her Clothes And See The Heave And Fall Of Her Bosom.
Once Tillie's Head Had Rested Against That Motherly Bosom. She Had
Fainted In School One Morning After A Day And Evening Of Hard,
Hard Work In Her Father's Celery-Beds, Followed By A Chastisement
For Being Caught With A "Story-Book"; And She Had Come Out Of Her
Faint To Find Herself In The Heaven Of Sitting On Miss Margaret's
Lap, Her Head Against Her Breast And Miss Margaret's Soft Hand
Smoothing Her Cheek And Hair. And It Was In That Blissful Moment
That Tillie Had Discovered, For The First Time In Her Young
Existence, That Life Could Be Worth While. Not Within Her Memory
Had Any One Ever Caressed Her Before, Or Spoken To Her Tenderly,
And In That Fascinating Tone Of Anxious Concern.

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