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Heartfelt Betrayal: Chapter 1

User: hborger
Heartfelt Betrayal: Chapter 1
Chapter One of 'Heartfelt Betrayal.' The final book in my series ...

When you live your life following your heart and refusing to listen to your head, there will be very few that understand your motives.
Beth knows this all too well. She has never thought with her head in matters of the heart; she has always allowed her heart to guide her. It has gotten her into trouble in the past. A past filled with painful memories of Chris - a man she shouldn’t have loved. When he unexpectedly reenters her life, Beth must force herself to decide - does she betray her heart again or does she betray the man who once saved her?

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "One Secret Too Many"
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Heartfelt Betrayal: Chapter 1
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