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The Mule A Treatise On The Breeding, Training, And Uses To Which He May Be Put

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The Mule        A Treatise On The Breeding, Training,          And Uses To Which He May Be Put
There is no more useful or willing animal than the Mule. And perhaps

there is no other animal so much abused, or so little cared for. Popular

opinion of his nature has not been favorable; and he has had to plod and

work through life against the prejudices of the ignorant. Still, he has

been the great friend of man, in war and in peace serving him well and

faithfully. If he could tell man what he most needed it would be kind

treatment. We all know how much can be done to improve the condition and

advance the comfort of this animal; and he is a true friend of humanity

who does what he can for his benefit. My object in writing this book was

to do what I could toward working out a much needed reform in the

breeding, care, and treatment of these animals. Let me ask that what I

have said in regard to the value of kind treatment be carefully read and

followed. I have had thirty years' experience in the use of this animal,

and during that time have made his nature a study. The result of that

study is, that humanity as well as economy will be best served by


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