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Shock And Awe (fiscle part-9) Achieving rapid Dominance

User: silviya
Shock And Awe (fiscle part-9) Achieving rapid Dominance

We Are In The Early Stages Of What Promises To Be An Extended Debate
About The Future Of Conflict And The Future Of Our Defense
Establishment. Few Will Deny That The Winds Of Change Are Blowing As
Never Before, Driven By A Radically Altered Geopolitical Situation, An
Evolving Information-Oriented Society, Advancing Technology, And
Budgetary Constraints. How Our Nation Responds To The Challenge Of
Change Will Determine Our Ability To Shape The Future And Defend
Ourselves Against 21st Century Threats. The Major Issue, However It
May Be Manifested, Involves The Degree Of Change That Is Required.
Advocates, All Along The Spectrum From A Military Technical Revolution
To A Revolution In Military Affairs To A Revolution In Security
Affairs, Are Making Their Cases. Military Institutions Are By Their
Very Nature Somewhat Conservative. History Has Shown That Success Has
Often Sown The Seeds Of Future Failure. We As A Nation Can Ill Afford
To Follow In The Footsteps Of Those Who Have Rested On Their Laurels
And Failed To Stretch Their Imaginations.

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