Hotel Tales

Every hotelier has stories to tell - tales that amuse, inspire, startle and move their audience. Hotel Tales is ... Von:
Hotel Tales

Every hotelier has stories to tell. A motley collection of tales that amuse, inspire, startle and move their listeners. These anecdotes were once known only to those who worked within a hotel’s shiny walls, but now they will be shared with the rest of the world through Hotel Tales, a compilation of short stories that offer an intriguing behind-the-scenes peek at life in the hotel industry.


The stories have been handpicked from the personal collections of CEOs, managers, public relations officers, and the front desk, security, F&B and housekeeping staff of various hotels in Asia. With each turn of the page, these storytellers will reveal what a trashed hotel room really looks like, the creativity involved in covering up a mishap, how they handle obnoxious guests, the lengths they go to when dignitaries come a’calling and so on.

Hotel Tales will show you a side of the service industry that you have never seen before. Hotel Tales is available now in all major bookstores.

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