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Host of Geek Club

User: angelhabz
Host of Geek Club
Vincent is a nerd and has no friends. One day he is admitted into a club that he didn't even sign up for. Saphire is an optamistic girl who put him in there along with other nerdy skinny boys all wishing to be noticed. Saphire wants to help the geeks to talk better and make friends. But it wasn't going to be easy. Then Saphire finds the geek's talents and can't believe that they haven't been noticed yet or why they arn't popular! Saphire then decides to enter them into the talent contest called "Legendary No.1 Club". The winners club gets sponsered from the school and gets a lot of money. Vincent soon realises his talent, acting?!. Saphire teaches all the geeks to be popular and spends all her time to perfect them to make them win the contest! They begin to dislike her because she's so bossy. But soon learn to appreciate what she's doing, is for them. Can vincent handle this? Will they win? Can they become popular?

Humour, , Life, , sad, , Romance
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James Gerard

I think this is a really good story. Funny and sad and truthful in many ways. Good job.

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