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A Chance To Dance

Bollywood Dreams Von:
User: angelhabz
A Chance To Dance
This book is about a girl named Parvaani who lives in Mumbai. she is an adopted daighter who is hated by her family because she is fair and not a doctor or a nurse but has the dreams to become a dancer. Her neigborhood laughs at her but she soon meets someone who can help her to achieve her dream but can she do it?

dance, romance and humour
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Jahlia Taylor

Reading a good story like this one, I suggest you join NovelStar’s writing competition this April.

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it is not an actual film but i wish it was. i really admire the way aishwarya dances and she is so beautiful so i put her as the cover because she is my fave actress. Do you think it is a good book so far?

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Is this from a real movie in bollywood or is it just your choice to put aishwarya rai on the cover?

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