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Montezuma's Daughter

User: shah
Montezuma's Daughter
This is a remarkable story in the classic mould of H Rider Haggard's best works which can be enjoyed at many levels. As a straight adventure yarn it carries the reader on a historical roller-coaster ride through 16th Century England, Spain, and Mexico at the time of the Spanish Conquest. Rider Haggard wrote Montezuma's Daughter immediately after the death of his beloved son, Jack. It was a blow from which he never recovered and the deep grief and depression he suffered colours this tale of ancient mexico with a dark despair which is not inappropriate to an account of the last days of the Aztec Empire. But this does not make Montezuma's Daughter a gloomy book. Far from it. Rider Haggard was a deeply (if unconventional) religious man and his hopes and aspirations for mankind shine through the darkness to illumine the pages of this book with his wonderful spiritual philosophy which is perhaps his greatest legacy to his readers. The closing chapters on the fall of the Aztec capital of Tenoctitlan under the relentless assault of Cortez are profoundly moving. In short, Montezuma's Daughter is a most moving and well-written fictional history of the fall of Mexico interwoven with a passionate love story and enough action to keep the most jaded reader on the edge of their seat, whilst those who value the deeper aspects of Rider Haggard's narratives as much as the story-telling will not be disappointed.

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