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Book One of the Guardian Series Von:

This is Book One of the Guardian Series.


Struggling with grief and recurring nightmares after losing her mother in a mysterious accident, seventeen year old Kat and her father move to a new town.

The first day of school she meets new friends and the charming heart breaker DJ, the school bad boy. Maybe he is what she needs to take her mind off of her loss?

When Kat's dad leaves town for work she is surprised at the caretaker left in charge of her well being. Andy is a total nerd, but Kat and him become close friends quickly.

Kat's world is turned upside down when both the men in her life reveal secrets. Magic may not be enough to get Kat through learning who she really is, luckily she has a guardian.

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "The Guardian Series"
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