Extreme pleasure

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Extreme pleasure
Sarah's a slutty girl who finds herself in the arms of a guy who can pleasure her to the absolute maximum. Read this if you're a dirty girl or guy. ;)

erotic, hot, sex, dirty
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did hayley get her number tho

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Shht, if you really like erotica, sex and a book to fire you up, and make you wet to the bone, then check it here:
This story will make you tremble to the core!

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12 pages! Wow! Why not 212? It was fantastic but far too short. I could make love longer than it took me to read that. I doubt anyone could rub one out that fast. Come on Girl, give us a tale to remember. You can do it, you have the style and the imagination. I'll be watching and hoping for a new novel from you. Thanks for sharing and showing us you have what it takes.

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