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This is where it started.... The good and the bad

User: Harmonie
This is where it started.... The good and the bad
This is just the beginning, once it starts it will never end.

Introverted. Secluded. Observant. Avery grew up in a strictly controlled environment. Everything was in black and white, take one step out and there will be consequences.

Avery grew up and learned that from the beginning people have good and bad things that happen in their lives. But she always felt that she was missing something, like a gaping whole waiting to be filled up.

She meets people that has this weird aura around them, and strangely, Avery is attracted to them.

The tables will turn, and she will find out who she really is. The whole world's destiny lies in her decision. Will she ruin it, or will she make it better.

Vampires, fantasy, romance
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