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Fate Intervened

Just how much can someone take... Von:
User: guruclef
Fate Intervened
Mikan's back in Japan. How much trauma can one person to realize what they really want. She is torn between two different people but there has to be a decision. In the end what will be the final answer?

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I haven't finished reading it yet still working on it. I really love this book, it's awesome! Your an awesome writer, i find it funny in chapter four how Mikan says 'Three, two, one. I, by law, now pronouce you husband and wife!'

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Thank you!!!No one's commented on my book and i was getting nervous about it. i haven't continued to write it for a long time but maybe i will now when i have time after all my homework but thanks again!!

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yep, i enjoyed reading and can't wait to finish reading it.... but for now when monday comes round, i gotta say good bye to bookrix, i'll be deleting my account because of what happened :( i'll still come to the website though and see if you made any updates, please send me an... mehr anzeigen

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