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Subtitle Prologue:

Subtitle Prologue: The African Princess was ill; her parents took her to the hospital. She could move or talk when the doctor told Elisse’s parents that she will be healthy, but won’t be able to walk. The King and Queen were sad, yet they really love their daughter.

      Not until Nico his childhood first friend who she loved so much dumped her at the beach on the hot sun, just because she was crippled after she met Esaias, who his parent died ten years ago was wandering besides the beach to cleared his mind from slavery labors from his wicked aunt named Erna. Finally, Esaias aid her by taking the princess at the royal guests’ house; where he thought her how to walk again.

      Princess Elisse learned how to walk, and she fell in love with Esaias. Later the King became sick with worry over his daughter’s disappearance and died of his sad illness. The King’s funeral was set a few day later, Elisse, Esaias, and the Queen went together to the palace. Esaias decided to go back home, but Elisse stopped him because she loved him so much. Few years later Elisse and Esaias got engaged. Soon Nico came back to the palace, to apologize to Elisse after he bumped into this gorgeous girl while he was going back and forth in thought, who told him that he should go beg her forgiveness.

     Luckily Elisse forgave Nico, told him that they are now friends, and told him that he should come to her wedding. Nico introduced Leah who he crushed into, to the Queen and the Princess. The following day Elisse and Esaias were married, and Nico came to their wedding with his wife Lea. Nico now is a true friend to Elisse and Esaias because he learned his lesson leaving the princess on the beach, but he was happy for them both being together. They soon became King Esaias and Queen Elisse and lived happy forever in the palace of Gethsemane Kingdom 



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