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"In the land of myths and magic...a great responsibility rest on the shoulders of the young boy. His name....Jesus."



Jesse in short for Jesus didn't ask for the eyes of flaming firepower nor killing the enemy with lighting which comes out from his hands, but it is the most powerful and deadliest gift that God gave him. But the treacherous and heartless Lord of the darkness named Wormwood tried to kill him severely when he was just a six months old enfant yet fail. The Headmaster of Norway by the name of Judah Potter his grandfather took him and left Jesse on the neighbor's door who take care of him pretty well. But when he turned thirteen years old and they had their own child, they began treating him fairly and blaming him for every mysterious thing that has been happening in the world. However, his grandfather always sees everything on a distance, and wait for Wormwood next attack on him so he might take him to Norway for safety. Will this day come to pass, will Wormwood attacked him once more, or something exciting will happen?

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New York, NY

Full disclosure: I speed read this article. I think the question that needs to
be asked is how well do antidepressants work on the different categories of
depression? Mild to moderate episodic depression is a totally different
ballgame than moderate to severe chronic depression. Just looking around at my
family, I'd say they work great for the first category. As for the second, not
so much. All anecdotal I know.

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