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The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make straight in the desert a highway for our God. (Isaiah 20:3). Guillaume Mwamba is the Prophet or Seer of God, even though they are many of Prophets and Seers, yet this young man is a visioner from the Lord Almighty and writes it down in a story and the same with more demons seeking for him, so they might kill him. Just because he is the deadliest threats to them with this unpredictable strength. After Lucifer fought God, God permitted Lucifer to go and test His faithful children even unto the point of death. Lucifer is free to tempt God’s faithful Christians to sin, especially the Cleanliness family. Sams and Mark Cornerstone is God’s Sacred Ones, God chose them to slays all the demons. The Fallen Angels (demons) are called the Fallen and the Rebellious. Victory Cleanliness is a Chosen One and Sam’s little cousin. They usually work together as Slayers. Lucifer is senting Azazel, the demon of damaging and destruction. Azazel wants to destroy all the believers of Yahweh. This story is a ministry novel of a spiritual warfare against unseen opponents, a battle between good and evil.
     The Cornerstone family must put on the whole full Armour of God, so they might withstand the Devil’s schemes. New enemies appear to Hunters in every chapter of Feathers series, but the story is still the same as the falling of Lucifer and his demons who rebel against the Most High God. What is this catastrophe? 

The prophecy vision came to the major prophet of God by the name Guillaume Mwamba saying that Into the outstanding, breathtaking, and enchantress little town of Benson, Tucson. That through the family of the Cornerstone, from generation to generations two boys shall be born. Whose light of Christ, will shineth through the darkness. The Sacred Ones who will be a Fallen Hunters. Theur names will be....Sams and Mark.”

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Lee's Summit, MO

What a time to be alive.

Who woulda thought we’d have a president cavorting with porn stars, then
paying them off, then having the daughter of a prominent evangelical minister
and former candidate lying about it, all heartily backed by the champions of
things like “family values”. I cannot guffaw loudly enough at the hypocrisy of
it all.

#releasetheinterview. And the Kraken.

Music: ... mehr anzeigen

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