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Jon is a childhood best friend of Sarah the treacherous and evil Emperor's daughter, but not until his homeland was attacked by Saul the heartless Emperor. Besides, all these two kingdoms are in the same domain. By the name Emperor Soul working with the King's younger brother by the name Peter who betrayed his older brother. Because he wants to take over the kingdom, therefore he joined forces with the devious Soul and killed King Judah, his wife Rebecca and their younger son Grace. After they jump down from the five feet height of the mountain when the king told Jon and Grace to run away, but Soul lance an arrow into Grace's back because his target was the king's oldest son. Still, King Judah told his son to leave the dead behind and ran for his life unless Soul came behind him and slice his throat with the two edges sharp dagger. Jon left his younger brother's body and run, but Soul shot an arrow which perforated on his right shoulder and Jon collapse on the ground unconsciousness. Here is another reason why Soul and Peter killed King Judah is because he believed in this unknown God which they do not know about. With Ruth falling in the deepest love with Jon more than ever, this another tale to tell. Will her parents allowed such relationships with the Emperor's enemy son or not?

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