The Women Of The Caesars (Fiscle Part-9)

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The Women Of The Caesars (Fiscle Part-9)

"Many Things That Among The Greeks Are Considered Improper And
Unfitting," Wrote Cornelius Nepos In The Preface To His "Lives," "Are
Permitted By Our Customs. Is There By Chance A Roman Who Is Ashamed To
Take His Wife To A Dinner Away From Home? Does It Happen That The
Mistress Of The House In Any Family Does Not Enter The Anterooms
Frequented By Strangers And Show Herself Among Them? Not So In Greece:
There The Woman Accepts Invitations Only Among Families To Which She Is
Related, And She Remains Withdrawn In That Inner Part Of The House
Which Is Called The _Gynaeceum_, Where Only The Nearest Relatives Are

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