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The Enchantress of Orne

The Portals Book 2 Von:
User: gregn
The Enchantress of Orne

On the world of Orne, the Torlok Council discover a change in the balance of magic. Strange, dark magic is getting stronger. They learn that Malanhor, a dark wizard, has found a way to unlock the dark magic sealed deep inside the planet. 
Lie'net, the leader of the Council, chooses a young apprentice, Sha'mi, to help locate and stop Malanhor. Sha'mi knows little of magic but reluctantly agrees to help. Along the way she meets an ancient wizard who teaches her about magic and helps her learn how to fight Malanhor. She must fight her own feelings of inadequacy and learn to believe in herself before she can face Malanhor. Her journey will help her discover who she is and how to use her special abilities to save the planet. 
Can she find the strength to defeat Malanhor before he becomes too powerful?

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "The Portals"
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2,99 US$
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