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The Venture Capital MasterClass

Everything you always wanted to know about raising equity capital ... but until now, you had no one to ask Von:
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The Venture Capital MasterClass

You want to know the secret to successfully raising equity capital; right? Right! Then you are definitely in the right place! The secret to successfully raising equity capital is right here in this essential eBook that is a ‘must read’ for go-ahead Business Owners who are looking for some financial help to take advantage of evolving marketplace opportunities.

Want to hear a secret about secrets? Of course you do, especially when the secret is about successfully raising equity capital.

The secret to successfully raising equity capital is that there is no secret. Not one! Zip!

Successful equity raising relies almost completely on good planning, good execution and good follow: through. Graham shows you how to do this. That’s what his ebook is all about. You too can use Graham’s methods of successfully raising equity capital. It’s not a secret, it’s just a process that involves a bit of hard yakka at your end, the knowledge provided by Graham from his end and the coordination of you and Graham working together to attract investors.

Crooks, cheats, scammers and swindlers

Graham has included three actual case studies of crooks, cheats, scammers and swindlers who put the hard word on his clients, hoping to cheat a large dollop of money from them and quietly disappear. Two of the scams failed because Graham was on the ball, but one succeeded. It succeeded because the client would not accept Graham's advice that the deal offered by the scammer sounded dodgy, looked dodgy and, as it turned out, was dodgy.

Beware the dark side of equity raising. There is a dark side to equity raising because the venture capital industry, with it’s emphasis on financial deal making and the availability of persons often desperate to raise capital, is like a magnet for crooks, cheats, scammers and swindlers. These crooks, cheats, scammers and swindlers are the reviled cockroaches and rats of the venture capital industry and like their namesakes, they must be eliminated.

Graham covers the dark side of equity raising in his eBook. Read it so you don't get cheated!

Why should you buy Graham's eBook?

There are many reasons for buying Graham's eBook. Here’s a few that you may not have thought about. The eBook:

- explains the issues that you must think carefully about before attempting to raise equity capital,
- explains the law that covers the act of raising equity capital in Australia,
- explains the process of raising equity capital in Australia,
- explains some alternatives to the use of equity capital,
- draws attention to the dark side of equity raising, where the venture capital industry seems to be a magnet for crooks, cheats, scammers and swindlers, and most importantly,
- explains the implications for you when you no longer have the unfettered right to manage your company as you personally see fit, but you have to work with new directors

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