Too Late to Save Her

Too Late to Save Her
This is a story of little girl named Jessie Conelly.. It may not be a happy story, but it is still a story, and stories are meant to be heard.

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Too Late to Save Her
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I really enjoyed this, despite its shortness it was very touching! I am usually a very romance person but. . .this was meant to be read!

Completely wonderful for someone your age!(:

Please, please continue! I would love to hear more of Jessie.


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First off, I would like to thank you for commenting! You litterally just made my day! Im only 11, despite what my profile may say, and I dont often get praised for my writing. I am going to write more tonight, so please, read the rest soon!

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Even though it was very short, i still loved it! This actually did bring the feeling of tears to my eyes--i would love to read more!!
-Jenna Marie

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