Glenn Landy Von:

(Incomplete) “Adam” is a fictional story which shadows the life of an average nine-to-five mid-twenties man. Adam is an average guy with an average job, seemingly more distressed at the prospects of running out of opportunities and running out of years than anybody around him. He has followed the unwritten schedule to date of what is expected of a person in a modern day democracy. That’s just the problem. He is another drop in the ocean never to be remembered for anything. The irony of being considered ‘broken’ for wanting to live a life beyond the norm has not averted Adam. The culmination of his feelings, or lack thereof for that matter, is released on a co-worker which starts Adam on a journey to find something in life that could actually make him feel alive. With this revelation he begins to realise just how thinly layered the expected conducts and etiquette of modern-day society are layered. Clawing his way in no particular direction he is looking for something more. He doesn’t know what. He doesn’t know where. Nonetheless it has occurred to him;

Adam cannot remember the last time he was overwhelmed…….

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