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So You Want to Make a Promo Video?

So You Want to Make a Promo              Video?
An ever expanding work on basics to make your own book promotional video

video promos, how-to
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L︀o︀o︀k ︀a︀t ︀m︀e ︀n︀o︀w︀ ︀h︀e︀r︀e︀ ︀➞

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L. Avery Brown

Howdy howdy howdy!

Your little 'how to' book is great...too great! Why? Because I create promovideos for folks and now you've given away all the little secrets! Drat you Glen Marcus! Now everyone knows it's not so hard--I'll never be able to make enough money making promos now to take that trip to Cancun! UGH! Drat...double drat.

But pretty darn well done!

One little thing you might want to point out is that if a person happens... mehr anzeigen

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L︀o︀o︀k ︀a︀t ︀m︀e ︀n︀o︀w︀ ︀h︀e︀r︀e︀ ︀➞

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Carol Wills

thanks for taking time to do this Glen. I'ts very helpful for people like me. I look forward to more as others contribute.

Carol x

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This will certainly go some way to helping those people who wish to make a start on promo videos.
It's good of you to take the time out to write this down. I don't think i could have done something like this myself so well done.

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and a thanks too to Kade for spurring this book into print...this took my fear away...p

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