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Guilt by Absentia

Guilt by Absentia
In this techno-based world we live in, information is king. Joey Styles, systems analyst for a large IT company, is on the brink of a major breakthrough that could change the computer world forever. But just as information rules, it also vanquishes the weak. Backed into a corner, Joey discovers he must outrun the lies, the law and a scheming executive…or die trying.

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Wow, couldn't put it down. In other words you got a winner.

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I'm no geek either, ergo the simplicity. By the way, I need to replace that very weak cover soon.

Wichtiger Beitrag

A truly well rounded story. It meshed together exquisitely like an expensive Swiss-made watch.
Also, even though I'm no techno-geek, I didn't have any trouble understanding the jargon.
A winner in my book.

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