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An Ocean View

A Descovery Von:
An Ocean View
– a girl named Arriadnee is going through life feeling like she doesn’t belong, she ends up with a class project 2 discover her family tree and discovered more then she bargained for

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A word of advice: almost all of your sentences are run ons. Please edit, and I look forward to reading it when I can understand it!

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i have added abit more to an ocean view its starting to get interssting i hope you enjoy it still not finished but i ill still keep adding to it so kep an eye on it thank you for reading xx

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thanks for your help i haven't wrote since high school im a little rusty but yes i will be writing more i forgot how much i enjoyed writing storys im writing a bit more each day so keep a look out and again thank u

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I would suggest you read it over and correct some spelling and grammar errors, almost all of us have them. I would really like to see you put more into this story. I'm going to "heart" it so I can see if you do! :)

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