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The Ruby Cross

User: toribio
The Ruby Cross
A fast-paced romance about the Islamic invasion of Spain and the legendary Battle of Covadonga!

A tale full of epic events, bloody battles, diabolical and erotic intrigues.

A formidable bond between a Pagan father and a Christian son who struggle for survival among the people who lived at the dawn of Europe!

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Grande Giovanni,complimenti !!
PS: lavora di più sui "tags" sono importantissimi per i motori di ricerca


Wichtiger Beitrag

a masterpiece, clearly this author has a very bright future in the literacy world.

Wichtiger Beitrag

That's a great achievement,a fascinating story, excellent book I would like a dedicacation!

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In bocca al lupo!!! Adesso tocca a me darti un po' di supporto....te lo meriti!!!!

1 Kommentar

Thanks. I am surprised myself by this success. Gio

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Y espero de ser propicio a ti tambien. Veo que tu vives en Lontres y eres una escritora apasionada. A que te dedicas en Lontres? Giovanni

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Amazing writer!!

1 Kommentar

It took me three years and a lot of research, but from the comments I get it sounds I have done a good job! ;-)

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