Origin of the Arcs

The Eternal Conflict Von:
User: GhostWolf
Origin of the Arcs

Sparrow holds a powerful entity inside of her when she excepts the Arc, however Sparrow doesnt know this and Brandon (Sparrows second best friend who also holds an Arc) and both of them have to defend themselves.The God of Dustruction wants the power inside the entity. He sends two of his warriors to kidnap Sparrow. However the Godess of Life counters by sending two of her warriors to recruit Sparrow. The two sides battle it out in Sparrows world causing chaos to irrupt everywhere. 

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Eternal Conflict"
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Origin of the Arcs
The Eternal Conflict
Arc, Ghost wolf, Powers, Fantasy
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Hey guys I’m working on my newest book and have it always published so you guys can read it as I continue working on it. I really hope you guys like it and if any one wants to proof read it and point out anything I should fix please don’t be afraid to criticize the book it’s still a work in progress. Enjoy!

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