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What Dreams May Come (Fiscle Part-9)

User: silviya
What Dreams May Come (Fiscle Part-9)
The Hon. Harold Dartmouth Was Bored. He Had Been In Paris Three Months
And It Was His Third Winter. He Was Young. He Possessed A Liberal
Allowance Of Good Looks, Money, And Family Prestige. Combining These
Three Conditions, He Had Managed To Pretty Thoroughly Exhaust The
Pleasures Of The Capital. At All Events He Believed He Had Exhausted
Them, And He Wanted A New Sensation. He Had "Done" His London Until It
Was More Flavorless Than Paris, And He Had Dawdled More Or Less In The
Various Courts Of Europe. While In St. Petersburg He Had Inserted
A Too Curious Finger Into The Terrorist Pie, And Had Come Very
Near Making A Prolonged Acquaintance With The House Of Preventative
Detention; But After Being Whisked Safely Out Of The Country Under
Cover Of A Friend's Passport, He Had Announced Himself Cured Of
Further Interest In Revolutionary Politics.

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